With Solarnative’s mod­u­lar PV sys­tem, project plan­ning is eas­i­er than ever before: any sys­tem size can be built with just one type of invert­er. There is no need to wor­ry about shad­ing obsta­cles and var­i­ous mod­ule ori­en­ta­tions and incli­na­tions can be freely com­bined. Sounds com­fort­able? It is!

Maximizing PV yield

With Solar­na­tive Pow­er­Stick micro-invert­ers, each mod­ule is con­trolled indi­vid­u­al­ly. There­fore, there’s no need to wor­ry about shad­ing from dorm­ers, chim­neys, satel­lite dish­es, atti­cas, or trees, and you’re free to com­bine var­i­ous mod­ule ori­en­ta­tions and incli­na­tions in one string. Each PV mod­ule will deliv­er max­i­mum pow­er at any point in time, accord­ing to its indi­vid­ual envi­ron­ment. There’s no need for by-pass­ing, as mod­ules with lim­it­ed pow­er do not affect the rest of the sys­tem. Con­se­quent­ly, you can sim­ply install as many mod­ules as you can fit on the roof to max­i­mize the pow­er gen­er­a­tion of the building.

No minimum number of modules

Because each mod­ule has it’s own invert­er, there is no min­i­mum num­ber of mod­ules in a string or plant. Does the small roof area fac­ing east fit only two mod­ules? No prob­lem — just con­nect it to any exist­ing string with a dif­fer­ent ori­en­ta­tion. Want to install a few mod­ules on a dis­tant car­port? No prob­lem — just add a small sep­a­rate string to the system.

Independent from local WiFi networks

The Solar­na­tive Smart Ener­gy Home is com­plete­ly inde­pen­dent from your client’s WiFi. The Solar­na­tive Intel­li­Gate is locat­ed on the roof and con­nects to our cloud serv­er via LTE. No data cables or addi­tion­al hard­ware are required for net­work connection.

Simplify your inventory and planning process

No more han­dling of dif­fer­ent invert­ers for dif­fer­ent sys­tem sizes, and no expen­sive inven­to­ries! With one Solar­na­tive Pow­er­Stick micro-invert­er per PV mod­ule, our mod­u­lar sys­tem is suit­able for any project size. There­fore, man­ag­ing your inven­to­ry has nev­er been eas­i­er. Only one type of invert­er needs to be stocked. Just grab the num­ber of invert­ers you need for a project, and you’re ready to go.

More­over, your inven­to­ry will require much less space and trans­porta­tion cost due to our inverter’s small size and extra­or­di­nary pow­er den­si­ty. The Solar­na­tive Pow­er­Stick is about one fifth in vol­ume and less than half of the weight of its small­est competitor.

No big and heavy inverters

With our micro-invert­ers you can build PV plants of any size and you will nev­er have to han­dle large, heavy string-invert­ers again. Here’s an exam­ple: a string-invert­er for a 6 kWp plant is about 40 x 50 cm large and weighs around 20 kg. If you build the same plant with  Solar­na­tive micro-invert­ers, you will need 14 of our small and handy Pow­er­Sticks weigh­ing 450 g each, adding up to a total weight of under 7 kg — about one third of the string inverter’s weight. Sounds great? It is!

Save cable meters and installation time

The Solar­na­tive PV plant is con­nect­ed to the build­ing grid with a stan­dard AC cable going straight from the roof to the elec­tric cab­i­net. Since there is no cen­tral invert­er in the base­ment, addi­tion­al cable ducts and wall pen­e­tra­tions are avoid­ed while sav­ing cable lengths and valu­able instal­la­tion time.