The Solar­na­tive Smart Ener­gy Home is the most flex­i­ble and care­free sys­tem on the mar­ket. It is safe by design. You can­not do any plan­ning errors that would result in a dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tion. You do not have to wor­ry about shad­ing obsta­cles and can sim­ply install what­ev­er fits on the roof.

Just install whatever fits on the roof

Our micro-invert­ers con­trol each mod­ule indi­vid­u­al­ly. There­fore, you nev­er have to wor­ry about shad­ing from dorm­ers, chim­neys, satel­lite dish­es, atti­cas, or trees. Each PV mod­ule will always deliv­er its max­i­mum pow­er for each indi­vid­ual illu­mi­na­tion con­di­tion. They will not be by-passed, and they will nev­er drag down the rest of the sys­tem. You can sim­ply install what­ev­er fits on the roof.

Don’t worry about different orientations

Our micro-invert­ers con­trol each mod­ule indi­vid­u­al­ly. There­fore, you can freely com­bine all mod­ule ori­en­ta­tions and inclinations.

Built-in surge protection

Our invert­ers have built-in surge pro­tec­tion and no addi­tion­al surge pro­tec­tion devices are required. This saves cost and valu­able instal­la­tion time.

Remote commissioning until it is dark

Com­mis­sion­ing our sys­tems is com­plete­ly over the air and works 100 % remote­ly. There is no dif­fer­ence between onsite and remote access.

Automatic missing connector detection

Our gate­way has an auto­mat­ic miss­ing con­nec­tor detect-and-locate func­tion. Even before con­nec­tion to the grid, the gate­way will tell you where a con­nec­tor is miss­ing. The gate­way detects and locates all miss­ing AC con­nec­tors and also detects miss­ing DC connectors.

No search­ing for miss­ing connectors.

Automatic mapping function for all modules

The instal­la­tion of our micro-invert­ers is com­plete­ly care­free. The Solar­na­tive smart gate­way has an auto­mat­ic map­ping func­tion. It detects the sequence of all invert­ers in a string and even rec­og­nizes when chang­ing from one row of mod­ules to the next. You only need to remem­ber the path of your string.

No map­ping or scan­ning of ser­i­al num­bers and posi­tions on the roof required.

Independent of local WiFi networks

The Solar­na­tive Smart Ener­gy Home is com­plete­ly inde­pen­dent of local net­works. The smart gate­way is locat­ed on the roof and con­nects to our cloud serv­er via 4G or 5G.

No addi­tion­al hard­ware is required for net­work connection.

Saving cable meters and installation time

Our main cables always go straight from the roof to the elec­tri­cal cab­i­net, eas­i­ly sav­ing some meters of cable and cable ducts as well as hours of instal­la­tion time.

No addi­tion­al cable ducts and break­ing through addi­tion­al walls required to get to invert­er loca­tions in sep­a­rate rooms.

No data cables anywhere

There are no data cables any­where in the Solar­na­tive smart ener­gy sys­tem. All the devices in the Smart Ener­gy Home sys­tem com­mu­ni­cate via wire­less LoRa (Long-Range) sig­nals. These are reli­able and the devices form their own inde­pen­dent and robust wire­less net­work. The sig­nal range is designed for more than 10 km and has very low damp­ing in buildings.

One size fits all

Our sys­tem is com­plete­ly mod­u­lar and one invert­er size fits all sys­tem sizes. There­fore, man­ag­ing your inven­to­ry becomes easy, and due to our unri­valled pow­er den­si­ty, requires much less space. There is only one type on stock. Just grab the num­ber of invert­ers you need and you are ready to go.

No dif­fer­ent invert­ers for dif­fer­ent sys­tem sizes. No expen­sive inventories.

No crimping on the roof.

All wire har­ness­es in our sys­tem are fac­to­ry-assem­bled and ready to plug in. The main cable is con­nect­ed via a sim­ple tool-free clamp. No crimp­ing on the roof.