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Make the most of your avail­able roof space: with Solarnative’s flex­i­ble PV sys­tem for home­own­ers, you can install up to 30% more pow­er on your roof and max­i­mize your per­son­al solar ener­gy gen­er­a­tion. Our sys­tem secures your safe tran­si­tion into a green­er and more inde­pen­dent future.

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More energy, more autarky

Max­i­mize your solar pow­er gen­er­a­tion. Use the com­plete roof area with dif­fer­ent ori­en­ta­tions and incli­na­tions. Gain max­i­mum inde­pen­dence from ener­gy sup­pli­ers and opti­mize your car­bon footprint.

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Maximum safety

The safest PV solu­tion for home­own­ers: No risk of caus­ing a fire. No dan­ger­ous high volt­age on your roof and all the way to the invert­er inside your home. Reli­able auto­mat­ic switch-off in case of an exter­nal emergency.

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Made for the long run

Unprece­dent­ed prod­uct life­time based to a unique ther­mal design. Lim­it­ed war­ran­ty of 25 years in accor­dance to the stan­dard PV mod­ule war­ranties. Our prod­ucts are pre­pared for expan­sion and future technologies.

Solarnative Power Stick

Elec­tric­i­ty demand of typ­i­cal house­holds will triple in the future: Besides con­ven­tion­al con­sump­tion, we will need elec­tric­i­ty to charge our elec­tric vehi­cles and dri­ve our heat pumps to keep us warm.

Solarnative’s Smart Ener­gy Home sys­tem helps you gen­er­ate the elec­tric­i­ty you need — with a sus­tain­able and inde­pen­dent setup.

Gain autarky by maximizing your energy generation

Make the most of your avail­able roof space! Max­i­mize your inde­pen­dence from pow­er sup­pli­ers, ris­ing prices and ques­tion­al­ble ener­gy sources, while opti­miz­ing your per­son­al car­bon footprint.

In a PV sys­tem with Solar­na­tive micro-invert­ers, each mod­ule is con­trolled indi­vid­u­al­ly. All kinds of dif­fer­ent roof ori­en­ta­tions, incli­na­tions, and shad­ing con­di­tions can be com­bined eas­i­ly to max­i­mize the pow­er of your home PV sys­tem. Unlike com­mon sys­tems with string invert­ers, each mod­ule runs at its indi­vid­ual max­i­mum pow­er point mak­ing sure sure that you always get the high­est pos­si­ble amount of ener­gy out of your mod­ules. The Solar­na­tive PV sys­tem for home­own­ers deliv­ers up to 30 % more ener­gy than a stan­dard sys­tem on the same roof.

Worry-free thanks to greatest system safety

Unlike the usu­al string invert­er sys­tem, our PV sys­tem has no dan­ger­ous DC volt­ages what­so­ev­er. Stan­dard PV sys­tems for home­won­ers have a sys­tem volt­age of up to 1,000 volts run­ning over the roof and down to the string-invert­er inside the house. This high volt­age can pro­voke arc­ing on faulty or cor­rod­ed plug con­nec­tions or on con­nec­tions made man­u­al­ly dur­ing instal­la­tion, which in the worst case can cause a fire. More­over, the volt­age can­not be switched off — not even in the event of a fire — thus com­pli­cat­ing the work of fire­fight­ers, pos­ing a dan­ger to them and the building.

With the Solar­na­tive PV sys­tem, you are always on the safe side, since the direct cur­rent gen­er­at­ed by the PV mod­ule is con­vert­ed into alter­nat­ing cur­rent right at the source. Arc­ing can­not occur in an AC sys­tem, so there’s no need to wor­ry about a fire caused by your PV plant. The entire sys­tem — on the roof and inside your home — has only 230 volts, i.e. the nor­mal Euro­pean grid volt­age. Besides that, your Solar­na­tive PV sys­tem does not pose a risk if there is a house fire of a dif­fer­ent cause: as soon as the sys­tem is dis­con­nect­ed from the house grid, for exam­ple by means of the safe­ty switch or because a cable has melt­ed in the heat of the fire and caused a short cir­cuit, the invert­ers switch off auto­mat­i­cal­ly and the fire­fight­ers can do their work with­out hindrance.

No more headaches: your PV system for the long run

The Solar­na­tive Pow­er Stick is built to last and comes with a lim­it­ed war­ran­ty of 25 years, match­ing the usu­al war­ran­ty times­pan of PV modules.

Stan­dard string invert­ers for res­i­den­tial PV instal­la­tions typ­i­cal­ly come with prod­uct war­ranties of only 5–7 years and the oppor­tu­ni­ty to pur­chase a war­ran­ty exten­sion. There­fore, when choos­ing a string invert­er, it is wise to plan for replac­ing the device at least once dur­ing the life­time of your PV sys­tem or extend the war­ran­ty if possible.

Be prepared for expansion and future technologies

The Solar­na­tive Smart Ener­gy Home is a mod­u­lar sys­tem that can eas­i­ly be expand­ed at a lat­er point in time — whether you want to add more capac­i­ty on your roof, expand to fur­ther areas such as your car­port, or add an elec­tric vehi­cle charg­ing sta­tion or bat­tery stor­age to your sys­tem. There is no lim­i­ta­tion to the num­ber of devices in your Solar­na­tive sys­tem, so you can adapt it to your needs at any time.

The Solar­na­tive Smart Ener­gy Home is com­pli­ant with the world’s strictest reg­u­la­tions regard­ing grid sup­port func­tion­al­i­ty, and it is designed to be ready for future appli­ca­tions and tech­nolo­gies: we com­bine intel­li­gent grid ser­vices with smart func­tion­al­i­ties such as con­sum­ing and stor­ing pow­er pre­dom­i­nant­ly at times it is cheap and abun­dant­ly avail­able. You will be able to use vehi­cle-to-home bidi­rec­tion­al charg­ing, and your bat­tery and elec­tric vehi­cle can become active play­ers in the ener­gy sys­tem of the future. We con­sid­er our tech­nol­o­gy an inte­gral part of the green ener­gy tran­si­tion into a cli­mate-neu­tral future. Let us take you on the journey!

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