The Pow­er Stick INV-350 is the heart of the Smart Ener­gy Home sys­tem. It is a unique micro-invert­er with 350 W AC-pow­er, suit­able for PV mod­ules with nom­i­nal pow­er up to 440 Wp.

It max­i­mizes pow­er out­put per mod­ule and is safe by design.

It is avail­able in two ver­sions for fac­to­ry inte­gra­tion into PV mod­ules and instal­la­tion by the installer.

Based on Solarnative’s pro­pri­etary high-fre­quen­cy res­o­nance tech­nol­o­gy, the Pow­er Stick offers unprece­dent­ed pow­er den­si­ties at unbeat­able cost.

It is ful­ly com­pli­ant with NEC 2021 rapid shut­down require­ments and pro­vides a wide range of grid-sup­port functions.

Due to the superb ther­mal man­age­ment and cool­ing con­cept, the life time of the invert­er is dras­ti­cal­ly increased and we offer 25 years lim­it­ed warranty.