The Smart Gate­way SGW‑1 is the brain of the Smart Ener­gy Home.

Depend­ing on the mount­ing ori­en­ta­tion, at least 13 Pow­er Sticks can be con­nect­ed to each SGW‑1 in a self-lim­it­ing 20 A string.

The SGW‑1 pro­vides cloud con­nec­tiv­i­ty to the Solar­na­tive cloud serv­er via 4G/5G and comes with a 10 GB data pack­age for typ­i­cal­ly 10 years of usage.

It con­trols all devices in the PV plant via an autonomous wire­less LoRa WAN network.

With the miss­ing-con­nec­tor func­tion the installer can qual­i­ty-check his/her instal­la­tion direct­ly on the roof even before the main grid con­nec­tion. The SGW‑1 detects and locates miss­ing AC and DC connectors.

The SGW‑1 also pro­vides a smart tool for auto­mat­i­cal­ly map­ping the invert­ers on the roof. It is not required to scan or col­lect the bar codes of each inverter.

Includ­ed in the scope of sup­ply is the ter­mi­na­tion cap that is to be placed on the out­go­ing con­nec­tor of the last invert­er in a string.